Paints and finishes for wood

According to the specific needs of the customer, DAAS & CHEMICALS identifies and proposes the best application solution. Technical know-how and availability of products allow us to

meet any requirement of use in terms of application technology, product quality and aesthetic results.

Solvent products

Although in recent years, already commonly used water-based products are becoming even more widespread in the exterior fixtures industry products that still largely satisfy the demands of the market, both for the application and aesthetic appearance, are solvent-based products. Customer needs are the basis of the supply of Daas & Chemicals, which selects the most technically and economically feasible solution for the customer within the range of products.


Acrylic polyurethane coats and top coats provide chemical and physical resistance, surface hardness of finishes and excellent aesthetic results combined with high resistance to yellowing on light woods or chemically bleached.

  • Dyes and pigmented basecoats
  • Nitro lacquer products
  • Polyurethanes and acrylics
  • Redox
  • UV Curing
  • Fireproof Paints. In the range, acrylic-based or UV-curable primers.

Water-based products

An ecological solution within the industrial water-based paints for wood can significantly reduce the dispersion of volatile organic substances. Mainly used in the exterior fixtures area, state-of-the-art products guarantee aesthetically appreciable results and surface resistance also for interior finishes for both transparent and pigmented effects.

  • Dyes and pigment products
  • One-component
  • Two-component
  • UV products
  • Exterior products
  • Certified Fireproof paints.



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