Urea-formaldehyde Adhesive Resins (UF)

Adhesives based on the reaction between urea and formaldehyde are often referred to as urea-formaldehyde glue.
DAAS & Chemicals has decided to offer only E1 class urea-formaldehyde glues paying the greatest attention to safeguard user’s health.
We offer it on the market as a powder to be dissolved in water; the urea cross-linking occurs in the presence of moisture and heat generated chemically or by presses.

The cured resin is rather rigid and firm with good water resistance. To increase elasticity, sometimes it is mixed with small amounts of vinyl resins, our GLUOVINIL code 2201.


The urea glue It is one of the most used glues in the wood industry, particularly in veneering and manufacturing of chipboard and MDF panels.



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