Thermal Adhesive Glue (HOT – MELT)

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) glue is a hot melt adhesive composed of thermoplastic resins based on ethylene vinyl acetate which are sometimes integrated with carbonate fillers which change the mechanical grip characteristics and elevate the melting and bonding temperatures.


It is a glue that works without solvents and therefore does not require drying times, and it can also bond with non-absorbent surfaces, bonding almost completely and cooling within seconds.

Fields of Application: mainly in the wood sector, panel edging, trim coating and frames.


The PUR glue is a reactive polyurethane-based glue that does not foam and is applied hot with variable temperatures around 100-140 degrees. It looks like a regular EVA glue, but has higher performance.


Fields of Application: the wood industry, coating and covering trim and MDF panels or panel chipboard and edging.



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