Market intelligence


The paint and adhesives market in Italy is undergoing a persistent crisis which heavily impacts income statements and particularly the balance sheets of current players.


It is projected that these difficulties may be present for a long time, perhaps attenuating, but they may also intensify. On the other hand, this sector – particularly in the woodworking industry – stands for Italian excellence. In fact, all the latest process technologies and chemical development technologies were developed in our country, which are the basis of all global technologies.




The strategic and qualifying element of DAAS & Chemicals is to focus its technical resources on foreign activity NOT by creating a production site, but through a lab that indicates the type of product and technically decides WHERE to actually buy it for the quality and capacity of the production partner.


Technical and operational expertise and methods of large multinationals combined with the responsiveness of small companies is the competitive core and the real added value of DAAS & Chemicals.



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