Our services

DAAS & Partners is a change facilitator who works with customers to help them resolve problematic issues or define action plans towards the desired objective. We bring our know-how within the company to

facilitate the defining of an effective operating strategy and to ensure that the customer, in the shortest possible time, can acquire new knowledge and achieve their purposes, such as:

modifying operating processes

successfully implementing a management change

developing effective business development strategies

recognizing and changing dysfunctional behavior within the company

improving communication within and outside the company

enhancing the effectiveness of corporate leadership

resolving relationship difficulties between staff

improving the effectiveness and efficiency of employees and teams

building a positive business climate and developing motivation in staff

Main activities

Review and revision of the company’s business strategy and its approach to the market

Development of strategic plans for economic situations, launching new businesses, mergers and acquisitions

Study of new business models and revision of existing models

Identification and analysis of reference markets

Analysis of efficiency, cost control, evaluation of sources of supply and the competitiveness of suppliers

Redesign of the value chain, analysis of operations, formulation of new approaches to logistics

Design and construction of commercial facilities for Markets in Asia and North America



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