The Company

The DAAS history begins with the establishment of DAAS & Partners, a business and strategic consulting firm. The specific expertise focuses on, but is not limited to, companies active in the chemical sector and organizations linked to insurance.


In 2015, D&P acquired the majority of ICB Chemicals, a marketing and distribution company for adhesives and paints. ICB Chemicals thus became DAAS & Chemicals to house all sales activities in the chemical sector while DAAS & Partners focuses on consulting.

DAAS & Partners focuses on consulting.


Subsequently, DAAS & North West was established to strengthen the trade-related technical facility in North Western Italy.


The international business is supported by the Paris and Taiwan offices and through DAAS & vernici, a subsidiary company that operates in the US market.

Entrepreneurial passion

DAAS is based on entrepreneurial passion. We believe in the value of business as a model for economic and social development of the individual and the community.

Our interventions are inspired by initiative, proactivity, and empathy towards customers: few resonant presentations and maximum concentration on operations and business growth for the improvement of our income statement and balance sheet parameters.

International presence

The irreversible opening of markets to the process of globalization has profoundly changed the way we deal with competitive challenges. Product knowledge must be integrated with an understanding of the local market, institutional and operational practices of the chosen market, as well as trade and financial rules of international markets.


DAAS identifies new opportunities in the global market through the creation of business networks, outsourcing of services and processes and searching for supply and/or production sources.

With our partners, we have gained extensive experience in internationalization processes, and we are able not only to identify new markets or production relocation, but also physically accompany the company on its path, thanks to our relationship network and representative offices abroad.


Through our direct presence in the Far East and North America, we offer our Customers solid points of reference, be it commercial or logistics.



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